SMC Train Wheel Handler
20th March 2015

SMC was approached to design an attachment that could be fitted to an overhead crane, have its own integrate hydraulic system, and lift/tipple train wheels. We came up with the SMC Train Wheel Handler. We designed a clamp that allowed our customer to safely pick up train wheels for inspection, giving them an all-around view by tippling the train wheel to a vertical or horizontal position. Just requiring a connection to the crane, our attachment had a built in hydraulic system (Pump, Reservoir, valving) with an adjoining electrical system meaning it could be plugged in and used immediately after training. One of the major design needs was to keep the train wheel in an immaculate condition, so we gave our clamp a variable clamp pressure as well as a soft metal interface between the clamp and the wheel, and after some wear and tear, the chamber of the arms can be adjusted to correct the pivot points, increasing the life span of the unit. We ensured that our attachment kept the operator safe, so it integrates with the current crane controls allowing operators to move train wheels away from themselves and others using the current remote. Additionally we designed in a feature that kept the train wheel safely clamped even under a hydraulic failure, keeping anyone in the vicinity safe. Whether it be with bigger train wheels, or heavier train wheels our sales team can help.

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