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The UK's largest manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for forklift trucks. With over 60 years of trading we have designed and manufactured a vast range of solutions for the materials handling industry.
Sideshift Valves
Sideshift valving is used on fork positioners and clamp units i.e. units with two equal length cylinders horizontally apposed. The valve simultaneously opens and closes the hydraulic cylinders to produce a sideshifting action. The advantage of this system is to achieve sideshifting action without any increase in weight or lost load centre. There are draw backs to this system which may or may not be an issue depending on the application. These draw backs are due to sideshift not available when the cylinders are fully open or fully closed, in addition there is maximum stroke, equal to half the ram stroke and mid point. This system still requires a seperate hydraulic supply, however we can supply with a solenoid operation which requires one hydraulic supply with a single switched electrical supply.
Sideshift Valves

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