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Paper Roll Clamps

Paper roll clamps are one of SMC Euroclamps oldest products that we've manufactured. Because of that we've got a huge range to suit exactly what you need. Generally speaking paper roll clamps handle large reels of paper, through the years we've seen them used in a whole host of industries and most recently we've been exploring usage of them to handle RDF bales. In cases like these we suit the contact pad to the load, for example with the RDF bales, we designed and manufactured a nice smooth tubular contact pad. Included in this section are clamps for sensitive papers and tissue papers. Both of which require a much lower clamp pressure over a more even contact surface, or clamping in a different way than the usual paper roll clamp.

We've never thrown away any drawing from the past 60+ years of manufacture meaning our paper roll clamps from yesteryear can still be maintained today. Investment wise it's a no brainer especially as many manufacturers slowly phase out older models.

Paper Roll Clamps

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