Forklift Attachments & Accessories
The UK's largest manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for forklift trucks. With over 60 years of trading we have designed and manufactured a vast range of solutions for the materials handling industry.
Multi-Pallet Handlers
SMC Euroclamp has only recently designed and manufactured our own range of multi-pallet handlers. By doing this we've gained the ability to offer a lot of bespoke options that you might not otherwise get. We can offer fully functional load stabilisers built into the attachment or we can offer a standard solution or perhaps you just want a unique opening range specific to your site. All this for a similar price to an 'off the shelf product' makes our multi pallet handlers a worth while investment. The biggest benefit to our standard design is the fact it uses a telescoping design. Doing this keeps the size of the chassis down and improves visibility, it even weighs the same as the standard products you see on the market today.
Multi-Pallet Handlers

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