Forklift Attachments & Accessories
The UK's largest manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for forklift trucks. With over 60 years of trading we have designed and manufactured a vast range of solutions for the materials handling industry.
Jib Cranes
Jib Cranes are attachments that effectively provide a crane style lift using a forklift truck. Only limited by truck size they can range from very small pieces to very large attachments. Our most recent success was supply a jib to handle long steel billets. Fitting on a 30-Tonne truck, this particular jib was around 6 meters long with a 'brother' attachment of over 10 meters long. In order to aid in the flow of your industry we often explore new ideas that'll help improve efficiency. For example the billet handling jib, we fitted a hydraulically operated sling release system, removing the need for a crew member to get inside the container and do it by hand, by doing this the truck operator could fit the billets into the container, release them safely and reverse out of the container without issue. Other jibs come with varying load centres to lift different size loads, this design can be both hydraulic or non-hydraulic offering the most flexibility for you.
Jib Cranes

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