Forklift Attachments & Accessories
The UK's largest manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for forklift trucks. With over 60 years of trading we have designed and manufactured a vast range of solutions for the materials handling industry.
Crane Mounted Attachments

As well as designing and manufacturing forklift attachments, sometimes we will create something for a crane system. Often times this isn't much of an issue as the attachment itself is very similar across crane or forklift. Our most recent success is most definitely the Floor handler that has been outfitted to most of the EVE Trakway trucks.

Areas that we've worked with

Floor Panel Handler

We've recently had success manufacturing floor panel handlers for EVE Trakway. These were to fit onto there expanding fleet of hiab trucks. In this particular case they needed to fit perfectly with the crane so that when transporting it could fold away in line with the existing way the crane folds. Currently we are the only manufacturer of these particular clamps and are one of the first to work within this industry.

Train Wheel Handler

A major manufacturer of train wheels required a way to be able to lift train wheels and spin them around to inspect them. This particular system had to have its own hydraulic supply as one couldn't be fed from the crane. With the continued success of the attachment it is an attachment we are slowly selling more of.

Crane Mounted Attachments

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