Forklift Attachments & Accessories
The UK's largest manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for forklift trucks. With over 60 years of trading we have designed and manufactured a vast range of solutions for the materials handling industry.
Carpet Boom
Carpet booms are solid shafts of relatively small diameter mounted into a backplate suitable for hooking onto the fork carriage. These boom shafts are usually made of high tensile steel which enables large capacities to be handled with a relative small shaft diameter. The boom diameter is set for a given capacity and we offer specially heat treated booms for higher strength. Our standard boom is designed with a backplate consisting of a boss which the shaft is sweated into , and mounting hooks to suit the specific carriage. All though our standard backplate is compact and has little effect on visibility, we can offer designs with a central visibility window if required. Boom length is generally specified at a minimum of 3/4 of the product length, however this is somewhat dependent on whether the carpets core is strong enough to support the remainder of the load.
Carpet Boom

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