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Beer Clamps
5 Tine Beer Clamps
Our double beer clamp with its 5 tines can handling up to 36 full kegs at once, i.e. a total capacity of 3.4 Tonnes, which is double the amount handled by our standard beer clamp! Since the clamp has a removable centre tine it also has the advantage of handling two pallets at once when the need arises, effectively offering two clamps in one. As the integrated sideshift hangs on a large diameter sideshift bar, the unit can be supplied with dual mountings such that it can be hooked onto a class 3 or class 4 truck. So if you have to move it around site a lot, or want that flexibility you can! The unit is fitted with independent stabilisers that move in line with each side. What this means in terms of usage is that different height packs of kegs can be picked up and equally be stabilised safely. For accurate positioning of the tines the clamp circuit is split into inner and outer tine set operation, this enables the driver to switch between tines to accurately align the tines without the need to open the clamp fully.
Beer Clamps
5 Tine Beer Clamps
Beer Clamps
5 Tine Beer Clamps

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