Our New Pedestrian Truck Range
7th April 2015

Our New Pedestrian Truck Range After diligent research, SMC noticed a gap in the market, where companies required a small lightweight, manoeuvrable pedestrian truck. However, the problem required something a standard truck couldn’t solve. To fill this niche area, we’ve created a solution that features a dedicated integrated arrangement, with a highly customisable mast assembly dependant on the application the truck is commissioned. We have designed and manufactured equipment for many blue chip companies, and as a measure of our success, have had repeat orders for more. Being able to fit the trucks into factories that require something more bespoke, means our clients can be more competitive in that field. The sort of factories that deal with highly sensitive product, or operate in very confined spaces are a perfect environment in which a small pedestrian truck can operate. Our previous areas our trucks have been fitted to include pastry manufacture, currency manufacture, various paper reel manufacturers and many more. Though our truck is designed to fit into factories requiring a bespoke solution, our trucks could easily fit into an existing fleet, or new fleet none bespoke means, using a standard truck product.

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