Built to Last
21st August 2015

We recently had someone get into contact with us regarding a very early sideshift. With only a bit of information, an old serial number and a description of the unit, S5D 800, a side shifter. We were unsure whether it was one of ours. No one at the company was working here during that time, and it was unlikely that the family members that were here before would have remembered. Our next best option was to get some pictures, and hope we could make heads or tails of the old serial plate still attached to the unit.

Luckily the Technical Director, here for over 25 years, knew the only place that something like this would be located. SMC still holds nearly every record from when the company first started making forklift attachments. We we’re able to look back over 60 years’ worth of manufacturing records. No longer electronic but all hand written, a coffee smudge here, an accidental oil mark there.

We found it. Drawings only located on microfilm, filled away just in case, having been originally hand drawn sketches and transferred to microfilm back in the 80’s. The date, April 1959. Likely having been manufactured for delivery in the early 1960’s. This sideshift is still going strong after over 50 years’ worth of service. And to boot, having all our old drawings, we could still refurbish it to new today.

This is likely one of our oldest units still out there, and we hope that it equally has many more years left in it.

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