What We Offer

Our primary service is designing and manufacturing bespoke product. Whether you want to lift, turn, clamp, scoop or stack we can help you out. We’ve over 60 years experience in the materials handling industry, so if we can’t do it, we don’t know who can.

Our primary goal is to provide excellent product, sales is secondary. All our salesmen are qualified engineers and will never sell anything you aren’t specifically after. First and foremost the customer comes first as such, all designs will be presented to you before we go ahead and make your product, only until you are perfectly happy with what we’ve done will we manufacture what you need.

Who are SMC Euroclamp?

We’re a small family owned business, that has worked in the materials handling industry for over 60 years. Prior to that we were known for making aviation parts for many well known planes and were part of the Avro group, officially SMC Avro.

Throughout the years this wealth of knowledge has been passed down, and the company is still owned by the same family as 60 years previous. Our product comes first and in all instances we let that speak for us, it isn’t unusual for a 40 year old clamp to pop up still in perfect working order. What’s more, were a pro-active company, where many will only be able to produce parts from so far back, we still have on file every drawing, every dimension from the past 60 years. When you buy SMC, you’re buying quality.

Latest News
15th November 2016
Manufacturing improvements never cease. No matter what field you’re in you have to bear in mind the latest advancements. Here at SMC, we always try
21st August 2015
We recently had someone get into contact with us regarding a very early sideshift. With only a bit of information, an old serial number and

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